How to choose Best Crib Mattress for Baby 2018

Buying a perfect and best crib mattress for baby is a tough job. At the time of selecting the most suitable for your baby’s regular use, you should consider the issues of the materials, size, thickness, firmness and such. In this regard, you need to consider the following vital issues in buying the right one.

How to choose Best Crib Mattress for Baby 2018


Measurement of the Crib mattress: Among the vital points you should consider for buying a right crib mattress for your baby, you need to measure the width and length of your crib and the most fitted one with the baby’s crib.

Be sure about firmness:  Firmness of the crib mattress is an issue that should be considered at the time of purchasing. It may reduce the risk of suffocating caused by sinking into a softer surface.

Selection of foam or innerspring:  Before buying the crib mattress, you need to select one from the foam or innerspring of the mattress. Though both are comfortable, the decision is yours that which one will be more suited for your baby’s use.

Get a mattress wit thick cover: You should consider the mattress with a thick cover. The mattress may be double layer and the thick cover will be able to protect the mattress from tears or holes and be a comfortable one for your baby.

See the Accreditation:  Perfect accreditation from proper authority is must for avoiding crib mattress with low quality.

Air circulation System: Inner air circulation of a mattress is quite necessary for maintaining the hygiene of the mattress. The small reinforce holes on both sides of the mattress will help keep it fresher by allowing odors to exit.

Organic materials: The natural ingredients of a mattress ensure the healthy sleeping of your baby because of their chemical free substance.

By keeping in mind the above issues, you must purchase a mattress so that you can ensure that a best crib mattress has been bought.

Different Types of Crib Mattress

Before finding out a best crib mattress, you should be knowledgeable about various kinds of crib mattress available in the market. The core mattresses are made from different materials. The comfort totally depends on the material that makes up the mattress core. Following are various types of crib mattress;

Foam crib mattress

The foam crib mattress is the most common type of mattress that is made up one or more blocks of foam. It is quite basic variety and cheapest one among many others available in the market. You can use this mattress in a portable crib and can fold up when not in use. The light weight of this mattress will make the removing task pretty easy for you. This type of mattress is usually made of bamboo fiber and latex and will be perfect when you search for the best crib mattress which is available in a wide range of sizes. Remember that the density of the foams decides the firmness level of your mattress. The firmer it is, the safer it will be for your baby. The thickness may also vary from brand to brand. Generally, the thickness falls between 3-6 inches. Though, this type of foam is less durable than the other mattress, suitable for baby cribs.

Innerspring Crib Mattress

The innerspring mattress is same as the coil spring mattress that is another most popular kind of crib mattress used for babies comfortable sleeping. Often people calculate the firmness equating the number of coils, but factors like number of turns per coil & gauge wire are important too. Because of the steel construction, the innerspring crib mattress is heavier and more durable than the foam mattress. All the spring coils are joined the steel frame and by getting weight on the top, the spring becomes compressed and supplies a kind of comfort to the users. It is a durable, supporting and long lasting mattress. The innerspring mattresses with 135 or more coils & 15.5 or lower gauge are rated best.

Pocket Spring Crib Mattress

Another kind of innerspring crib mattress is the pocket spring crib mattress. It is also a combination of the spring coils, but the coils remain in individual cloth made sewn pockets. The main difference between an innerspring & a pocket spring mattress is that in case of this category each spring is sewn into a pocket. The personage pockets allow every spring to shift separately of each other. Because of such structure, each spring will squeeze, according to the quantity of weight placed upon the top of the mattress. In fact, the pocket spring mattress has its excellent support, long lasting and quite comfortable, though one of the most expensive cribs mattresses. It ensures a perfect support facility for the entire body of your baby.

Memory Foam Crib Mattress

The memory foam crib mattress is a popular one in a colder climate. It is a sensitive foam that gets easily molds to the body shape. As it is hugging the baby’s body in the air movement is reduced. The great thing is that the mattress slowly gets back to its original position when you lift your baby off. For this reason, the mattress feels warmer and your baby gets a pleasant feeling. The crib is able to deliver comfort to your baby’s body shape, though it is not suitable for summer. For cold nursery’s, memory foam mattresses might seem a bit hard. But, don’t get worried, as soon as you lay down your baby, the foam will mold to the shape. This type is extremely popular in cold conditions. One thing, you can’t flip over the memory foam mattress.m a bit hard. But, don’t get worried, as soon as you lay down your baby, the foam will mold to the shape. This type is extremely popular in cold conditions. One thing, you can’t flip over the memory foam mattress.

Natural and Organic Crib Mattress

Most of the crib mattresses are made from petroleum that treated with flame retardant chemicals such as boric acid. This may harmful to your baby’s health. By considering the issue you can use a mattress that is made from natural ingredients, like, untreated wool, natural latex, organic cotton and coconut fiber. Advantages of this kind of mattress are that those are chemical free, gentle on allergies, long lasting and breaths well. The untreated wool is a natural flame retardant & does the work of resisting the dust mite. Organic cotton is chemical free & breathable. Even the other coconut fiber material is highly breathable too. The natural latex is another alternative to petroleum foam. It is a matter of grief that now-a-days only a few organic mattresses contain natural material. If you are going to buy an organic crib mattress, be sure to read crib mattress reviews to avoid foul qualities. You can also contact the manufacturer to learn about the natural material percentage in the crib mattress.

Characteristics of a Crib Mattress

Use of a best crib mattress is a desire to all. Some essential aspects arise at the time of using and buying the mattress. Following are some issues :

  1. When you will buy a crib for your baby, you can buy the crib mattress and waterproof crib mattress pads at the same time. It may be just before the born of baby or after.
  2. The mattress will be used by your baby up to using the crib. It may use as a toddler bed.
  3. Generally, you should use the mattress for three years that will be the comfortable period for your baby.
  4. You should keep in mind that a firm mattress is able to provide your baby safety and comfort.
  5. Some time the mattress may be the cause of allergies.
  6. Well ventilation of a mattress is required for baby’s health.
  7. How heavy a mattress is, not a matter. It should be a healthy one.

Crib mattresses maintenance

Though buying a best crib mattress is essential for your baby’s comfortable sleeping, you should maintain it properly. You have to make sure that the mattress you are using for your baby keep clean sterile. You need to take care of the  following issues to maintain a crib mattress properly;

Turn around the mattress: You can turn around the mattress after a certain day so that baby can get the comfort from all parts of the mattress.

Suitable mattress cover: You should use a cloth cover that is suitable for ensuring the comfortable sleeping of your baby.

Frequently changed of Sheet: For ensuring the mattress is clean and odor free, you need to change the cover on a regular basis. If the crib remains clean, the crib mattress keep neat and clean that is the precondition of your baby’s good health.

Remove urine from crib mattress: Urine may cause of wet of the cover. For keeping the freshness of the baby’s mattress, you should clean the urine quickly. Here you can use enzyme based cleaner and vacuum cleaner for quick cleaning.

Clean baby poop from crib mattress: It is also common that by the poop the crib mattress may become dirty. For cleaning the baby’s poop, you can use latex gloves; enzyme based cleaner, vinegar and washes the cover properly.

Prevent Bacteria & Allergens: One important thing you need to maintain in your baby’s mattress is cleaning the bacterias. Here you can use a vacuum cleaner. You should also wash the cover regularly and keep the non washable items place in airtight plastic bags for keeping cool so that the dust mites kill. By proper maintaining you can get a better crib mattress for your baby that helps to better sleeping with the loving baby.

The Procedure To Get Rid Of The Dust Mites: Dust mites are harmful bugs that live on dead skin flakes. Obviously, you don’t want to have that thing hiding under the crib mattress. Your babies might get allergenic to theses bugs. As it is a problem, there are solutions available also. Here I am giving you different ways to prevent this occurrence. Let’s get you rid of the dust mites.

Take The Air Out Of Your Mattress: If you are putting the air out of your mattress time to time, then you are preventing the odors to form. The sunlight kills the dust mites, you may put the crib mattress out in the sun to decrease the risk.

Have A Close Look At The Humidity: You need to keep the level of relative humidity below 50% to prevent them from growing. Use a dehumidifier to perform this task. Dust mites can’t live on dry hair, so it is an effective process.

Nonwashable Things Need To Be Freezed: Pillows & bumpers can’t be washed, if you are having them with your crib bedding, then try to freeze them overnight by placing them in a plastic bag. Dust mites will be vanished because they can’t survive prolonged cold.

Clean The Bedding: Wash all the bedding in hot water to kill the mites. The temperature should be at least 140°F. You should be doing it once in a week.

What About Certification??

Now, most common people will ask about the certification. It is important too! I mean, who would want to buy mattresses without any certification. It is a need of the generation. The crib mattresses need to meet the safety standards & these measures will be determined by the American Society for Testing and Materials & CPSC. In case of the organic mattresses, the certificate will be issued from Organic Textile standard. Oregon Tilth, a nonprofit sustainable agricultural process is the largest certifier in the United States. So, check the certificates before purchasing your best crib mattress.

Safety Factors

Used or second-hand mattresses should be used with extra caution.  Some studies suggest that used mattresses increase the risk of SIDS. The bacterias from your baby’s bodily fluid sometimes become lodged within the mattress & when the baby starts sleeping on it, he becomes exposed to it. It is a study of the British Medical Journal. You need to make sure that the mattress fits perfectly into the crib like the mattress has to be snug fitting. If there remains any gap between the mattress & the crib, then your baby falls into a suffocation risk. Perform a gap hazard test with the help of your two fingers or you can simply poke the sides where the mattress meets the crib. Your baby will be safe if you can’t fit 2 fingers in between them.

Water & air mattresses poses threat. You should avoid them. It needs to be avoided at the early stages. The reason behind saying so that the extended sagging of such types conforms the bodily shape of your baby. They might cause suffocation hazard to your baby when your baby wiggles into a compromising position.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have found out that the FAQ section is very much helpful to learn more about the product. Customer’s queries might solve 1/2 problem of yours. Let’s bring it on-

When is the perfect time to buy a crib mattress?

Usually people buy the baby crib & the mattress together. But, the majority of them wants to buy it during the pregnancy time.

What actually a crib mattress is?

It is a mini mattress for the baby crib. It is designed to get fitted inside to provide a supportive surface to your baby while he sleeps.

When to replace the crib mattress?

One crib mattress lasts for around 3 years. You can extend the time limit if you properly take care of it & maintain accordingly. If you also see any visible signs of tear or wear then definitely you need to change it. Sometimes your baby will show the signs of discomfort when things are not right. I think, that time you should change the mattress too.

For how long I can use it?

You can use it for the same amount of time that the crib is in used. It can be easily used without any until your child gets transferred to a toddler bed. If you have another newborn to take the place, then there is no need to buy a new one.

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