Davinci Rivington 4-in-1 Crib Review

The wonderfully simple design of the Davinci Rivington 4-in-1 crib is a great reminder that quality products do not have to be overly elaborate to really stand out. The design of the Rivington by Davinci is still a very stylish and popular one, with many parents really singing the praises of this crib. As well as the simplistic style that it offers, it also provides a very versatile and practical crib for your child to sleep in.

Davinci Rivington 4-in-1 Crib Review


The 4-in-1 design of the Davinci Rivington will give you the control you need to be able to provide your child with the most comfortable sleeping environment for them Plus you can also change it into a toddlers and then a small child’s full size bed as they grow older, so you will get a lot of use from this crib for a few years.

To assemble the crib initially once you have taken delivery of it, you will find that it can be done in about 30 to 45 minutes. Once assembled you will see just how solid and stable this crib is. This will give you added confidence that it is a crib designed to last and provide the safety you want for your child. All of the parts and tools you will need to assemble the crib are included, so you will not need to purchase any additional tools to put it together.

Key features of the Davinci Rivington crib

Safety features

The Davinci Rivington meets the ASTM safety standards for cribs, and is also JPMA certified. You will see from the quality of the finish that there are no rough or sharp edges on the crib that could potentially hurt your child. The paint used is non-toxic and is lead and phthalate safe.

Davinci Rivington 4-in-1 Crib Review


4-in-1 Design Ability

The standard crib design is ideal when you child is very small and you want a very safe and comfortable environment for them to sleep in. But as your child grows older and bigger, then different configurations will be required to keep the crib as comfortable as possible for them.

You can turn it into a day bed, so once they get older they can sleep with the front of the crib off Davinci Rivington 4-in-1 crib reviewduring the day. They can climb in and out as they need and it makes it that much easier for you to lift them in and out when required also. The toddler and then the child’s full size bed designs will allow the crib to grow with your child.

4 mattress heights


Davinci Rivington 4-in-1 Crib Review

If you are a shorter person, then having a mattress that is really low down in the crib will make it that much harder for you to lift your child in and out of it. So the Davinci Rivington has four different levels that you can set the mattress too. This will then make it that much easier for you to lift your child in and out, and you will not strain yourself while doing so.

Final thoughts on the Davinci Rivington 4-in-1 crib

Do not let the simplistic design fool you into thinking it is just a very basic crib. The Rivington has been really well made and full of the quality that fills the entire Davinci range of cribs. The versatility it provides also gives you that much more comfort in where you put your child to sleep. It will enable you to change it around to the best configuration for your needs. The Davinci Rivington 4-in-1 crib is a very good option to consider for your child.

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