Four Characteristics of a Good Crib Mattress

The choice of mattress your baby is not something a mother should do carelessly. This is because the crib mattress is a close companion to the baby, probably only coming second to the mother. In fact, during the first six month of the baby’s life the only two things that the baby knows are his mother and his mattress. Due to this, the choice of mattress for the baby should be a significant maternal concern. Below are the four characteristics of a good crib mattress. Four Characteristics of a Good Crib Mattress

Mattress free from poisonous additives

Most mothers plunge into the temptation of selecting mattresses primarily on their appearance and fail to consider the content of the decorative materials. As a mother you should place secondary concern on the beauty of the baby’s mattress and instead focus more of the safety of the materials used to make the mattress. In other words, always ensure that the linings, cover and battling are phthalate and lead free. This is why should go for GREENGUARD certified mattress made from organic materials.

Mattresses that are exact fit

Always choose mattresses that fit the crib perfectly. A mattress larger than the crib may not fit into the walls of the crib thereby folding upwards or downwards. This may make the baby sleep in a curved position so much leading to backbone problems or even taking a bad posture while growing. A smaller mattress than the crib may make the baby clamper up the crib wall, fall off and get injured. A small mattress may leave space between the mattress and the walls of the crib that the baby may find space and crawl under the mattress. This may injure the baby or even worse, suffocate the baby to death. Always ensure that the mattress and the crib are fitting like a hand in a glove.

Mattresses that last beyond the baby’s infancy

In these hard economic times, a lot of shopping decisions are made on the basis of cutting cost. While in is perfectly in order to mind your shopping expenditure, it should not come at the cost of durability. Don’t buy a mattress made of flimsy materials that will not last long even if it’s cheap. This may only see you make more trips back to the baby shop to buy other mattresses, a hustle you could easily avoid had you spent slightly higher to get a more durable mattress. Proven durable mattresses are those that are 100% cotton with a protective vinyl fire wrap like and have some manufacturer warranty.

Comfortable mattresses

The comfort of the mattress is also very important and should always be considered. You should go for a mattress with 231 Beauty rest pocketed coil springs for assured comfortable sleep for your baby. Always go for mattresses made of water resistant, hypoallergenic vinyl covers because buy they warm and smooth on the baby’s body.

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